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Green Team

Replace. Regrow. Restore.


When construction ends, yard restoration begins.   

We understand the conflicting emotion about excitement for the fastest, most reliable internet available while also having a genuine concern for your yard during the construction process. We get it. We’re homeowners, too and want to reassure you that we have the best interests of your lawn at heart. That’s why we developed the HyperFiber® Green Team, a group you can trust to replace, regrow, and restore your lawn when the digging is done. 


Who is the Green Team?

Think of them as a welcome dose of reassurance. This talented group of experienced landscapers is the best in the area. Because they repair lawns every day, they understand what it takes to make your yard right and they take great care in doing so. In fact, we are so sure that the Green Team will restore your lawn to its original condition or better, we guarantee your complete satisfaction!

We leave your yard better than we found it.  

If construction is currently happening in your area, you might have received a door hanger with more Green Team details. Shortly after HyperFiber® construction crews have completed the installation of our future-proof, 100% fiber-optic network on your property, here’s what happens next:

  • When HyperFiber® construction crews have finished digging they will cover the impacted areas with dirt
  • The Green Team will arrive to seed, water and address any other issues as needed within a few days after construction
  • They will return periodically to ensure your lawn is growing properly and to monitor the progress
  • Your yard will be restored to its original beauty – we’ll treat your yard better than your neighbor’s dog
  • Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed!

Your lawn. Our passion.

Rest assured, we’ll keep in touch with you along the way. Our experienced and talented landscapers will oversee and monitor the restoration of your lawn and will make sure things are always “growing” in the right direction!  

Questions? Concerns? We are always just a phone call away. (888) 721-3026.

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